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(Canadian Patent #2,039,435/2,064,178)
(UK Patent #GB2254305)
(US Patent #5,238,125)

  • high security
  • year round parking inside or outside
  • one U lock locks everything
  • heavy duty construction
  • off-ground installation to facilitate snow removal, leaf clearing etc.
  • can be installed on uneven surfaces such as sandstone.
  • the best outdoor vertical rack available on the market

Each unit is made of 1/4" x 1-1/2" reinforced flat bar steel and 1/2" steel rods.  Galvanized after fabrication, each model weighs in at approx. 15 lbs.  The Maximin™ has a rotatable locking mechanism together with a support system ensuring that both wheels of a bicycle, as well as the bicycle frame, are quickly yet securely locked to the supporting stand.

A key feature of the rack is the arrangement of steel bars, rods and tubes that, when used in conjunction with popular bicycle U-locks, make theft of a bicycle extremely difficult.  Depending on the manner in which a U-lock is attached, a thief must cut through three or more such steel bars, rods and/or tubes before the bicycle can be removed, and even then the U-lock remains engaged on the bicycle to prevent it's use.



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